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Temperature Sensing Devices

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Copper & Platinum RTD Assemblies

The RTD Sensor is either a platinum or copper wire wound element which changes resistance proportional to temperature change. the resistance change per degree of temperature change is nearly linear throughout the temperature range of the sensors, providing a very accurate reading. The 3 wire sensor is the most common in industry and almost totally compensates for the lead wire length. Four wire sensors are used to eliminate all effects of lead wire resistance in metrology applications.

Reliability ± Less than 0.01 °C or Better

Stability Drift is less than± at 0 C after one year normal service within rated temperatures.

Time Constant 5 seconds in water at 3 feet /second

Self-Heating 28 mW/ °F in water at 3 feet /second

Vibration Assembly construction withstands 50 Hz to 2000 Hz at 20 G's minimum per MIL-STD-202C, Method 204A, Test Condition D.

Shock Element construction withstands minimum 100 G's since wave shock of 8 millisecond duration, three blows applied to each axis.


Ohms at 0°C
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for the rANGE 0-100°C
0.00385 ohm/ohm/°C
This DIN 42760 specification
is standard for industrial
0.00427 ohm/ohm/ °C

Intermediate Temperature 260°C

Temperature Range -100°C to 260°C

Insulation Resistance 100 M.Ohms minimum at 100 Vdc Leads to case at room temperature.

Leads AWG #22, stranded nickel plated copper wire. Teflon insulated

High Temperature 500C

Temperature Range -100°C to 500°C

Insulation Resistance 10 meg ohms minimum at 100 Vdc Leads to case at room temperature

Leads AWG #22, stranded nickel plated copper wire. Fiberglass insulated.


304 Stainless Steel : Good oxidation and corrosion resistance in a wide range of industrial environments. Subject to carbide precipitation, which can reduce corrosion resistance in the 427°C-537°C range. Good mechanical properties from -185°C to 788°C. Regarded as the standard protection tube material.

316 Stainless Steel same areas of application as 304 Stainless Steel. Improved resistance to mild acid and pitting corrosion.

Inconel Superior resistance to sulfur and reducing conditions.

Double Ended Fixed or Spring loaded Bushing
Weather Proof Head
Ceramic Disk Type
Element Assembly
Remote Mounted Head Flexible Water Proof Leads
Cold End Terminations    
Varidepth RTD Assemblies  

Locking Cap Freely Adjustable Over Flexible Tube

Probe Forced Against Bottom of Adapter Well to Give Best Heat Transfer